Henley on Thames

September 23rd 2018

It began to rain this morning as we left our overnight stop and then a few miles down the road we found our route to Calais closed for roadworks and ended up having to take a diversion. We went through passport checks quite quickly and we loaded on board a ferry leaving 45 minutes before our scheduled one.

When we arrived at Dover what a welcome back to the UK, it was cold, lashing down with rain, there were strong gusts of wind and most of the M20 was roadworks with a 50mph speed limit, I’d forgotten how poor our road surfaces are until we crashed and bumped our way along. By the time we’d joined the M25 with its stop start traffic I was really regretting returning back.

We had pre booked a stop over on a Camping and Motorhome site at Henley on Thames and took the M4 to get here, thankfully that was a quieter and smoother ride, luckily the rain stopped and it began to brighten up with the sun appearing. The site is approx a mile from the town centre and after we had set ourselves up we went for a walk to the town, unfortunately as it was late afternoon on a Sunday many of the shops were closing, shame as some looked quite interesting. However we enjoyed the walk around and looking at the Thames, I’m pretty certain we will return here in the future for a longer stay.

We both are struggling with the cold temperature after 8 weeks of warmth, as I sit here writing this we have had to put the central heating on in Homer just to be comfortable, I’m still in shorts having not worn trousers since last May, I can see that changing tomorrow. Ah well only 8 months till next summer ☹️

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