Whitchurch -Shropshire.

Saturday 22nd Feb 2020.

We had a very stormy night last night and Homer was rocked back and forth all night we and Layla had a disturbed nights sleep. However when we set off at 10.30 am to walk into Whitchurch the weather was dry and the wind less blustery.

Whitchurch is situated in N Shropshire about 2 miles East of the Welsh border, it has been inhabited since Roman times and was known as Mediolanum ( middle of the plain) and was situated on the Roman road between Chester and Wroxeter.

St Alkmund Church.

The current church of St Alkmund was built in 1713 and is the third church on the site, the second being built of white stone ( white church) giving rise to the current name of Whitchurch.

On this stone it refers to the Battle of Bordeaux, it actually took place at Castillon where we were just over 3 weeks ago.

There are over 100 listed buildings in Whitchurch some dating back to the 1500’s.

We found Whitchurch to be quite dog friendly with at least 2 cafes that welcomed dogs, we had a good mooch around the antique centre and the charity shops in one I was the big spender of the day buying 2 engraved glasses for £1.50.

During the afternoon we were joined by our youngest daughter Steph and her partner Will who live 6 miles South of Whitchurch.

We spent the evening with Peter and Alison planning a trip to Scotland in May a trip we are looking forward to.

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