Testing Times – Domestic catchup

October 2nd 2018

We have been back here in the UK for a week now, something of a shock to the system, firstly the shorts were packed away, then the sandals and today I had to succumb to socks, it’s a hard life.

Looking back over our summer break and checking our travel log I found we had travelled 3,724 miles since we had left home on July 31st, we had spent 30 nights in Homer and the rest in our French house. We bought 127 gallons of diesel ranging in price from £1.15 a litre to £1.45 a litre and averaged 28.5 miles to the gallon spending 825 euros in the process.

Since our return we have been asked regularly did we enjoy our holiday, well we certainly enjoyed our time away and all the new wonderful places we visited. I rarely think of it as a holiday, is that a motor homer mind set? I think of it as a voyage, a journey etc. Everyone chooses to spend their leisure time as they wish and friends and family enjoy their trips abroad, lovely resorts and hotels and a time to relax, do motor homers still have some innate urge to be like our nomadic ancestors roaming to pastures new, never settling long in one place.

The title says testing times and the past week certainly has been, firstly the water board have dug up our road to install new mains, it was scheduled to be finished mid October but is still on going with work commencing at 8 am each morning 7 days a week, very restricted access with times of the day when the road is completely closed.

The day after our return I had to go to the doctors for my annual MOT before I could be issued with a repeat prescription, the central heating boiler had to be serviced, the car had to have its rear brakes replaced and then be serviced and MOTd, and Homer has been booked in for his MOT. Busy and expensive return to the UK. We also had to have Layla trimmed as she was beginning resemble a mop.

We hosted a family meal and have now caught up on all the news and future plans.

We also harvested our crop of apples over 25kg and these have been shared between family and friends, with a large portion frozen for pies in the winter, a visit to our allotment yielded root vegetables and for the first time we have successfully grown sweet corn.

Another Autumn activity was to gather “sloes” from the hedgerows and we have now sloe gin and slow vodka gently infusing which should be ready in the new year and help against the bitter winter nights.

Sadly I doubt if we will manage a trip in Homer this month but we hope to be away in November.

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