Malvern Caravan Show

October 5th 2018

Earlier this year the TV in Homer refused to work, it wasn’t a great problem to us as we’re not avid TV watchers and in the summer months we wouldn’t bother to watch it, however with the dark nights now looking on the horizon we began to look for a replacement.

Whilst doing some research on the internet last night I discovered there is a show on this weekend at Malvern Three Counties Show Ground and as we had no commitments today we decided to visit.

Parking was free and it cost £5 each to get in, thankfully dogs were welcome and many people were accompanied by their dogs so Layla had a great time meeting loads of dogs.

There were quite a few stands selling secondhand motorhomes and caravans and as always it was interesting to go inside the motorhomes and examine the layouts and equipment, I’m still baffled by leather seats, wouldn’t work for me in high temperatures! We use a drop down bed and were interested looking at the fixed beds, some were extremely difficult to get in and out of. I think Homer is safe for now.

There were lots of stands selling equipment including some selling secondhand gear and by the end of the day we had purchased a small fold up coffee table for use outdoors and then spent some time choosing a TV. We ended up buying a Falcon 19″ ,it has built in blue tooth technology, ultra low power consumption, triple voltage, built in HD satellite decoder, built in free view receiver, built in DVD & CD player, 3 year warranty and it came with a free blue tooth sound bar. Let’s hope we can get a signal wherever we are!

Michelle and Layla tried out an armchair.

Of course all this shopping leaves one in need of refreshments.

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