Sunday 5th June 2022

It’s national holiday weekend here with today and tomorrow being official holidays. Supermarkets and other shops aren’t normally open on Sundays here in Germany and definitely aren’t on national holidays.

We have moved on today southwards to Gottingen.

It was a steep climb out of Bad Harzburg and Homer laboured a little. the scenery was beautiful especially as we reached a plateau area at the top. Then the satnav did its usual trick ( will be replaced when we return to uk) and diverted us onto a road for the descent which if I could have lifted my head for a moment from the twists and turns of the descent I’m sure I would have enjoyed the scenery.

We arrived at tonight’s stellplatz at approx midday, there were about 5 free spaces within an hour it was full and people have been pulling in looking for a space ever since. There about 15 motorhomes on some extra parking space outside the stellplatz.

On this trip we have been dwarfed by huge motorhomes, this one next to us is even small compared to some, how do people afford them?

It was a mile walk into Gottingen and the weather was warm and close, the town was much larger than we thought but of course apart from a few ice cream shops nothing was open.

The campingplatz is next to a huge sports complex covering several acres, it has indoor and outdoor swimming pools, an athletics track, football pitches, five a side pitches, tennis courts, keep fit areas the list goes on and on I’ve never seen anything like it in the uk. We walked around the exterior of a large part of it on our evening walk with Layla it certainly is impressive. As we walked back a young mole crossed the footpath I’ve never seen a live one before.

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