Bad Harzburg- Day 2

Saturday 4 th June 2022

Priority one this morning was to take the cable car / gondola to the top of the mountain opposite .. The cable car station was only 800m away and even at 9.30 am there was a queue, as we approached the ticket office it became apparent that you had to wear a mask to be allowed on board. I had one in my bag, like the Queen, Michelle doesn’t encumber herself with bags or items to carry so she didn’t have her mask, we had to purchase one for 2.5 euros.The ride was 5 euros each which wasn’t too bad.

Homer is the nearest motorhome behind the white houses.

At the top there used to be a castle which was in a very good position to defend itself from attack, there were some historical links to the court of Richard the Lionheart. Now there are just a few footings of the walls enough to give you an idea of how it was.

The views from the top were quite spectacular with a panoramic view for miles over the flat land below the mountains.

We went for a hike for a few kilometres on a circular walk through some beautiful woodland, Layla had a great time running here and there.

A rest in the sunshine.

There are three ways back down, firstly a footpath that eventually meets up with a sky walkway that’s at the height of the treetops built completely of wood, it looked great but dogs weren’t allowed☹️

A small part of the sky walk.

Secondly you could go down by zip wire, not the thrill screaming version we have in the UK, this was far more sedate and you sat upright.However dogs weren’t allowed.☹️

Mother and child in tandem.

We took the third option and went down by cable car which we had all to ourselves, well I had paid for a return ticket.

It has been a beautiful warm sunny day and we spent some time relaxing in the chairs outside Homer, during the afternoon we walked through the town to a supermarket Edeke, where we topped up the beer supplies and also bought a loaf of bread and some strawberries that turned out to taste wonderful, well done Dutch producers.

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