Bad Harzburg

Friday 3rd June 2022

Today we have driven up hills😊 first time this voyage. We are in the Harz Mountains National Park S.E. of Hannover where we are doing a two night stopover.

Bad Harzburg isn’t “bad” bad in German equates to bath, or in this case it is referring to a spa town. Here warm salty water at around 28 degrees bubbles up from several hundred metres below ground. A large health industry has built up around it ( I haven’t seen so many walking sticks in one place) there are spa hotels, saunas, large parks full of equipment for keep fit, it’s well geared up. It is also a winter resort for skiing etc I expect they get even more broken legs then to heal😊

Woman of action.
There is a pedestrianised street about 800m long running through the town with small shops and cafes.
View of the cable car from Homer.

There is virtually no phone/ wifi signal here so I haven’t been able to add many photos they will have to be added another day.

This campingplatz is not a super dooper state of the art techno run site, to get electricity we have to put these strange round metal things called coins into the meter.

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