Thursday 2nd June 2022

Well today started off in a typical “ taraabit fashion” we set the satnav to take us on a route that would avoid the GREEN zone, we went left out of the stellplatz and soon found ourselves travelling along a lane in between the plots of land that had the holiday chalets on them. The lane got narrower and narrower until there was about 50 cm on either side between us and the hedge. We dutifully mowed down a few annoying cyclists then as we came round a bend we found our route blocked by a transit van with no driver. I got out and found there was a thick pipe leading from the rear of the van for about 50 ft before it disappeared through a garden gate. I followed the pipe into a garden and there was a workman pumping water out of a hole in the ground watched by the owner of the property. When I explained our predicament she informed me that 50 m further on the road was blocked by a barrier and we couldn’t go any further. So it was back to Homer for a complicated reversing procedure whilst cyclists still attempted to squeeze between us and the hedge, eventually I found somewhere to turn and we retraced our route and unfortunately had to drive through the GREEN zone to get out of the city, grrrrrrr.

We had to take the motorway again for a considerable distance, I thought there were a lot of HGV on our motorways but nothing compared to here in Germany, there were a lot of eastern European number plates so I assume it is a normal trade route for them.

We have stopped for the night in Celle which is a town that again suffered heavily in WW2, however when they rebuilt they built the shopping area to resemble how it had looked in the past, quite convincing too.

A beautiful park known as French Park.
The town schloss.
All rebuilt to resemble the originals.

Tonight’s stellplatz is very modern, it is one where upon entry you obtain a plastic card and load it with euros to pay for electricity, showers, washing machine etc. They claim it is simple foolproof and nothing can go wrong, go wrong, go wrong, go wrong ……………..

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