June 2nd 2017

We knew today’s journey would be a tiring  one, and it turned out to be so. The first quarter or so was through Luxembourg and Belgium, it was very much an up hill and down dale route through some beautiful scenerey, but a lot of use of 3rd gear on the hills.

We eventually hit the autoroute system  south of Leige and stayed on a number of these all the way up to 500 metres from the campsite, they were very busy, sometimes a four lane car park as we ground to a halt due to road works, grass cutting, car on fire plus others where there seemed no reason why.  I tried to fill up with diesel at a services whilst still in Belgium as it was only 0.98 euros per litre, however I couldn’t find out how to get the pump to work. The instructions I believe gave the option to pay by card or pre pay by cash in the shop. However there was no card point , I didn’t know how much fuel it would take so i didn’t want to prepay, I ventured in for help but all i got from the response was a long sentence where the only words I got were plastic card and a wave towards the pumps. So believing that retreat is sometimes the only way, I replaced the pump and drove off.

Thirty miles further on, now in Holland I filled up but paid 1.28 euros for the privilege, we had a break at these services and brewed up and tucked into a ciabatta for lunch.

We eventually arrived at this campsite Delftse Hout which I had prebooked, this site costs 30 euros per night, plus 3.50 for electricity and 1.6 for local taxes, it’s a large very professionally run site with many facilities, swimming pool, playground, restaurant,supermarket etc, the pitches are small however. One bonus is that wifi is available across the site. Having said that our allowance soon ran out and I paid 5 euros for an extra 10 gig.

After a shower we walked into Delft, about one mile away, we walked along the canals into the centre square. We found a restaurant which had a floating platform to eat on, the woman on reception sent us on ahead and Michelle tried to unbolt a door to get out and would have gone feet first into the canal had I not stopped her! After the meal we moved back into the main square for a drink at a street cafe and watched the numerous bikes whizz past. A slow walk back saw us return to Homer at 10 pm.

Delft is swiftly becoming one of our favourite places.Its a year to the day since we were here last year.

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