Delft – Day 2

Saturday 3rd June 2017

As soon as we got up this morning it began to rain heavily, thankfully it only lasted about half an hour and later the sun re-appeared and it was a beautiful day.

We left the camp site at 10.30 am which was throwing out time, most sites it’s either midday or 2pm. We drove 100m and then parked up outside a nature area, locked up and walked back into Delft to enjoy its Antique Market with stalls alongside the canals. Michelle bought a small leather rucksack style bag, her other bags aren’t quite the right size or don’t fit on the shoulder correctly when sight seeing. I bought two wooden printing blocks a D and a G, wonder why?

We also bought a T shirt each as a souvenir. We found a food/ flower street market and bought some picnic items to share for lunch, strangely someone other than myself who lives in Homer ate it all, and expressed surprise that I wanted some! Never mind I’m sure I’ll survive on my cheese straw.

Love the laid back nature of the Dutch people we have met, last night on the way back there was a group of approx 6 people in their twenties, sitting on bean bags having a bbq by the side of one of the canals, they were enjoying beers and had music playing quietly . No trouble to anyone, if that had been England they would have been moved on.

It’s also hard to come to terms with how tall many of the Dutch people are, I’m developing a theory, it’s natures way of dealing with things. Should Holland suddenly flood, all the tall people will survive because their heads will be above water,their  survival will ensure the continuation of the nation who will as a consequence breed even taller Dutch people.

We had originally thought to spend the afternoon travelling to Dordrecht and then back to the port, a round trip of at least 100 miles, but the warm sunshine and lethargy have taken hold and we are instead staying put. We are going for a walk in the nature park and later driving to the port.

We found a large beach quite close to the port with a large free car park, beach cafes etc so we had our evening meal there. We drove the 2 kilometres back to the port and straight onto the ferry, no fuss no bother, passport control etc very pleasant.The ferry sailed at 10 pm European time.

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