Weem um – We are home

Sunday 4th June 2017

Ferry docked early and we were on our way at 6.40 am, the local supermarket/ petrol station didn’t open until 7 so we missed out on a cheap fill up.

On the way home, Homer made us very aware of the terrible state of English roads, we crashed, rattled and vibrated our way home, the only comparable time that happened was on roads through a forest area in Belgium.

It’s possible the senior navigator pressed the lesser of the straight forward routes home and we ended up enjoying the delight of the M25 and M1 instead of M11 and A14. 

The sat nav has been very useful if at times a little slow at warning us of turnings etc, we more and more realise the need for some detailed maps as with the Sat Nav you travel along in the little bubble it covers and there is no larger vision of the route. We took with us large fold out maps of Holland, Germany and Luxembourg but these are difficult for the short arms of the senior navigator to hold and when open do limit the forward view through the windscreen. We will also invest in a few lonely planet type guide books to give info on towns etc which will be useful when we cannot get any connection to the internet, all part of the learning curve.

Our first European trip saw us drive 1,050 miles and spend nights in Germany , Holland and Luxembourg, so much to see and experience, looking forward to next time.πŸ‘πŸŒžπŸ˜Š

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