Post journey comments.

Dismantled dashboard.

We noticed on our recent journey that the instruments on the dashboard weren’t glowing particularly well so I have dismantled the dash board and am in the process of replacing all the bulbs I can access. It’s been interesting discovering all the screws that hold everything in place.

Following a few stressful moments experienced on our recent trip by the senior navigator I have kindly bought her a present, hopefully these large scale maps will help not only on our next trip across July, August and September but also for future journeys.

I purchased the maps from Vicarious Books Media, an excellent internet site, the order was delivered within 24 hours.

Whilst dismantling the dashboard I dropped a screw, doesn’t it always happen, it bounced down to where the leisure battery is stored. When I removed its cover and began the search for the screw I found behind the battery a 300W inverter which I hadn’t realised was there, this a device which can be connected directly to the battery and converts direct current to alternating current, This means we can charge or run devices when off mains.

Also behind the battery I found a credit card receipt dated July 2015, it was for goods bought in Ljubljana in Slovenia. Now taking a huge leap into the unknown leads me to believe that Homer was there two years ago. It made me think what stories could Homer tell us about the places he has visited whilst ferrying previous drivers and passengers around during his life to date. It’s good to feel that we will be adding to his history. So far in 3 months we have visited four european countries and stayed in two English counties.

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