Jonah and the Whale

It occurred to me as we sat on the quay side in Portsmouth waiting to board the ferry, just how much it must have felt like for Jonah to be swallowed by the whale.

The mouth of the ship gapes open and we enter and drive up and along into the stomach of the ship where we abandon the car and enter the innards of the ferry. Unlike Jonah however we do have some comfort, a nice cabin, a bar to purchase drinks and the chance to relax with the obligatory bon vacance drink. And so to bed.

The next morning we were coughed out onto the French quayside at Le Havre where two Gendarme gave everyone’s car boot a cursory glance, and two customs officers checked everyone’s passport.There were about 200 vehicles so you can guess how long it all took.

Then it was off into the French traffic for the 400 mile drive to the house. It was a hard journey for many parts, the motorways were rammed and it was often stop start, the services were so full we couldn’t park at two and had to drive on. Never mind it was glorious weather and the temperature rose to 27 degrees and the sun shone.

Upon arrival it was a quick unpack of the car and then a celebratory beer/wine to unwind sitting in the sunshine.

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