Sharpness Dockers Social Club, Sharpness Gloucestershire.

Saturday 22nd May 2021.

We began the day by spending a few hours visiting our good friends of at least 50 years Keith and Jenny who live near Ilminster. After a catch up on all the family news we left there and drove up the M5 to tonight’s destination the final stop on our current trip.

The Sharpness Dockers Social Club doesn’t sound a very wild place to be staying but it is surprisingly a pleasant and interesting place to stop and it only costs £5 for the night. There is free access to the club which provides meals at lunchtimes and evenings during the week all at reasonable prices.We off course took the opportunity to sample the food and alcohol.

The club building.
Our parking position.

The Club is a short walk from the Gloucester and Sharpness Canal which runs north from here To Gloucester. Sharpness is an English commercial port in Gloucester one of the most inland ports in Britain on the Severn Estuary and can take boats up to 140m long.

Severn Estuary.
One of the Severn Bridges in the distance.

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