Sherwood Forest.

Wednesday 9th June 2021.

We are heading north on a return visit to Yorkshire where we will tomorrow meet up with our travelling companions Alison and Peter.

Our aim today was to visit an antiques and bric a brac centre at Helmswell south of Lincoln. However today ( we have no complaints) is is very warm and the sky is cloudless, the antiques centre doesn’t allow dogs in and it was far too warm to leave Layla in Homer, so we went to plan B. This was to visit the Sherwood Forest Visitors centre and the The Major Oak Tree of Robin Hood’s fame. My father is from Nottingham and a lot of my childhood/ youth was spent visiting there so I have always been aware of the story of Robin Hood and Sherwood Forest. Having said that I have never visited the forest before.

Looking on the parking/ camping apps we use there seemed to be a strong indication that it was no longer possible to park motorhomes there because of height restrictions etc, however I’m pleased to say we took the risk and the car park is accessible to motorhomes , it costs £4 to park all day.

There are various trails well laid out and signposted from the visitors centre, we took the one to the Major Oak and not far in we came to site of the tree. It is now well fenced off to prevent the ground beneath it being trodden down preventing rain water reaching its roots and it also prevents accidental damage from the public.

Parked somewhat out of character in the shade of the oak tree was an ice cream van, talk of robbing the rich to feed the poor, it felt very much like that at £7.15 for two ice creams.

There are many other sizeable oak trees in the forest many centuries old, one of them is known as the Bee tree and has an active hive in its trunk, we could see the bees but it was difficult to capture them on the camera.

Following a leisurely lunch in Homer we took a scenic route to our next stop.

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