The Waterfront Inn. – West Stockwith.

Wednesday 9th June 2021.

We left Sherwood Forest and drove East and then North to tonight’s stopover The Waterfront Inn, it costs £6 per night to stay here, it’s an extra £4 to hook up to the electrics which we opted to do as we have a heavy stocked fridge.

The Inn is situated opposite a marina which opens out onto the River Trent.

This serves as an entrance/ exit to the Chesterfield canal which runs along side the pub, we walked some distance along that in the evening during which time Layla managed twice to “accidentally “ fall in.

River Trent.
Lock gate to river and marina.

We walked alongside the river to the village and here another river the River Idle flowed into the Trent controlled by a sluice gate.

After our evening walk we were of course thirsty and partook of some liquid refreshment . The landlord and landlady were a friendly couple very helpful, the pub is well used and served good meals, we will certainly consider returning here again when we next head in this direction.

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