Beverley and Flamborough Head.

Thursday 10th June 2021.

We left a little earlier than normal this morning and headed northeast this eventually lead us to the Humber Bridge, it reminded us very much of similar bridges in France but not so high above the water, it is a toll bridge and cost £1.50 one way.

Our first port of call was Beverley, we parked on the Tesco car park, very handy, and walked into town. We found it to be a very pleasant place, the centre is mainly pedestrianised and there are many old interesting buildings.

No way out for Homer.

Beverley is well known for its Minster which is one of the largest parish churches in the UK, it is currently undergoing a great deal of restoration and is surrounded by scaffolding. It is still possible to see the magnificent main entrance and it was very entertaining to watch two workmen re-gilding the clock face.

In the Minster is work undertaken by Robert (mouse man)Thompson, he carved a World War 2 memorial door, a cross, alter rail and chairs in the soldier chapel, each with his trade mark mouse.

We headed from Beverley to Bridlington, I wish I could write about what we found there but try as we might we couldn’t find a car park that would take Homer, another anti motorhome town? So we headed onto Flamborough Head we walked around the outside of the lighthouse and out to the Head.

It was only 3 miles from there to our campsite, Wold Farm, a pleasant place close to the cliffs, not long after we had set up Alison and Peter arrived and we are pitched next to each other. After our evening meal we went for a walk to the cliffs, one purpose of this trip is for Michelle and I to see a Puffin, well not long after we reached the cliffs we saw our first Puffins, sadly I can’t on this blog show a good photo as I didn’t have my main camera with me, fingers crossed I can rectify that tomorrow.

Believe it or not there are puffins in that photo.

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