Puffin _ along the coast.

Saturday 12th June 2021

Over the past two days we have explored the coastline that runs close to the campsite here at Wold Farm, access is a short walk across the field from the campsite. The reason for this trip is to tick off one of my bucket list which is to see Puffins.

Yesterday we headed north along the Flamborough Headland Coastal Path to Bempton Cliffs and the RSPB centre, the path is on the cliff tops and you at no point can drop down to sea level.(unless you jump) The cliffs are of white chalk and the sea erodes the cliff in places leaving steep inlets which are a haven for the nesting birds, the birds rarely fly above you always drawn out to the sea the source of their food.

There follows some of the photos I managed to take.

These are Gannets, beautiful birds.

Today we drove a short distance to a car park at North Landing, here was a small beach which families were enjoying Layla went for a swim to cool off, from there we walked along the cliff to to Flamborough Head Lighthouse where we had a drink and snack. We have been extremely lucky the past two days as we have had beautiful sunshine most of the time albeit with a cool wind at times.

North Landing.
Some fine specimens I spied on the cliff top.

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