Lincoln and Farndon nr Newark.

Sunday 13th June 2021.

After leaving the campsite we drove south crossed the Humber Bridge and headed for Lincoln.

We had sussed out a car park close to the castle called “The Lawns” which was suitable for motorhomes, it was pricey but worth it, it did say 24 hour parking was allowed but we didn’t try it.

It was rather expensive to go into the castle which was a shame, we would have gone along with it but we didn’t have enough time to do it justice, in one area of the castle is housed a copy of The Magna Carta. The castle and cathedral are built on the top of the hill, wisely of course, and the main shopping area was down a steep hill below them.

Michelle as always was keen to see the interior of the cathedral so I added a chapter to a future book “ Cathedrals I have sat outside with the dog” whilst she went in. She was very impressed so it was worth it.

As I said the main shopping area was well below the cathedral but we decided to give it a go, there was as to be expected some interesting architecture and a good range of shops which I’m pleased to say didn’t prise money from my pocket, the walk back up was a killer, my poor old knees felt the strain.

It was extremely warm and humid whilst we were in Lincoln, we both felt we only scratched the surface of this interesting town and will certainly, pay it a visit again when we have more time.

We drove on from Lincoln to a small place outside Newark on Trent called Farndon, we are staying the night in a picnic area by the side of the Trent where people are launching boats and swimming in the river, it has been quite busy but is now quietening down as all the families go off home.

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