Tara a bit Roundup 3

August  31st 2017

We are well into our fortnight back at the ranch with our guests who arrived by car or plane  last Saturday and Sunday.

First meal together.

Of course no meal comes free and everyone has been mucking in keeping the old homestead going for another few years, even the 94 year old is kept fully occupied.

new fence at the top of the drive

Why is it we decide to bbq on the hottest day?

Of course it hasn’t all been about work, we visited the vide grenier in Ste Foy La Grande on Sunday and came home with a haul of goodies including two pine dining chairs which matched our existing four, they cost one euro each!

goodies we purchased

When our guests arrived so did our English post and Michelle received a card from our good friends Arzu and Wolfgang in Germany in celebration of her freedom from work.

Why did the butterfly, flutterby?

Finally to Arturo, night skies not living up to their normal best, very little shooting star activity and definitely nothing in the bifurcated range!

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