Sarlat-Domme-Roque Gageac the Birthday Girl

September 1st 2017

Yesterday was the birthday of middle daughter Sophie. In her honour it was decided to have a rest from DIY and spend the day out like proper tourists, of course no birthday would be complete without a birthday cake.

Now any day out when there are a multitude of adults involved has to be organised to prevent chaos, or especially taking so long to get ready the day is almost over before you begin and despite all agreeing to showering the night before and be prepared, two party members showered when they got up! However I’m pleased to say we were on the road, driven by our amiable chaufeur Will in his 7 seater Ford Galaxy almost on the agreed time.

The first part of our day out involved circumnavigating Bergerac and heading for Lalinde, along the route there is still evidence that it was the route of one of the stages of the Tour de France, with decorated banners, bicycles hanging from trees and cyclists names painted on the road.

From Lalinde we took a small road to Sarlat which wasn’t along the Dordogne Valley, it was very scenic with many small chateaus evidence of the wealth of the area, until we arrived at Sarlat where we were able to find a parking space close to the centre.

We spent almost three hours in Sarlat hardly scratching the surface of what’s there is to be seen, with its beautiful historic buildings,  we then enjoyed lunch in an Italian restaurant before heading off to Domme, where unfortunately the battery on my camera died so I only managed a few photos.


…Domme is classified as one of the most beautiful villages of France, it is perched high up with views down onto the River Dordogne, it is a fortified town and the walls and narrow entrance gateways still remain. Underneath the centre of the village are caves – Grottes – which can be explored.

A short journey away is Roque Gageac a perfect picture post card village. There is a troglodyte fort set 40 m up on the cliff face which at the moment is unfortunately inaccessible but plans are afoot to re open in the future. The village has its own micro climate with cacti, banana trees etc growing in profusion. A  beautiful place I enjoy visiting on a regular basis, fortunately I was able to take the following photos with my iphone.

The village borders the Dordogne river and here you can hire canoes or go on a boat ride on a traditional “gabares” river boat.

We then took a leisurely drive home where there was the traditional “Happy Bithday” song followed by an enjoyable slice of cake.

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