September 2nd 2017

Following a visit to a local market and supermarket we headed to Duras arriving in time for lunch.

We found a bar restaurant which did light lunches with a menu that allowed everyone to to choose something that suited them.

Our prime reason for visiting Duras was to visit the ancient Chateau, of course it was shut for lunch so after we had eaten we went for a wander around the town, nothing was open  and the streets were empty. This gave us the opportunity to walk the streets and take photos at our leisure.

On the dot of 2pm the ticket office opened and three of our party went in to explore the Chateau, with the number of steps it wasn’t suitable for the 94 year old, and two of us had been round before, so we sat in the sunshine at a picnic table made out of a huge slab of stone 5m x 1m.

The Chateau is well worth a visit, it was purchased by the local commune in the 60’s after failing to sell at an auction, it is slowly being improved and the community encouraged to use it for formal functions, weddings etc. The views are superb and you can see for miles across rolling countryside.

After we returned home we fired up the pizza oven and cooked home made pizzas.

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