September 5th 2017

Today we visited Brantome a pretty town about a 90 minute drive to the north west of us. We were last here a few years ago as a family and decided to enjoy the hire of canoes and paddle around the outskirts of the town as many tourists do. Unfortunately a decision was made for the three daughters to share a canoe, working together isn’t one of their strengths and when they came to the part where you had to get over a weir, they got stuck on the top.

This provided great entertainment for many people who were site seeing and enjoying the views of the river, when after approx 10 mins following many instructions they managed without elegance to slide down the weir there was spontaneous applause from all the onlookers. Needless to say they blame each other!

Today we avoided the canoes.

Brantome is a town almost completely encircled by the River Dromme, it has a former Benedictine Monastery which is built in front of a troglodyte section which originally housed the religious buildings and living accommodation. It has a church belfry built in the 11th century which is the oldest in France.

After our 45 min tour of the monastery at a cost of five and a half euros each it was time for lunch which we took in a very pleasant restaurant overlooking the river.

Adjacent to the river is a very pretty park with some very old trees, 

The following are other photos around the river.

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