Sampford Peverell.

Friday 21st May 2021.

It has been cold, wet and windy all day, very miserable, there have been short dry breaks but they didn’t last long. We had along with Peter and Alison decided to drive into Tavistock park up and have a ramble around town. We pulled up on the long stay car park/ coach park only to be told we weren’t welcome there and we had to move to a different long stay park, we drove there only to find it only had small spaces for cars and we would have to pay for two spaces to park a motorhome, not very forward thinking Tavistock as we decided not to stay and took our money elsewhere. For us it was a drive to Okehampton.

One of the Okehampton Rivers.

We parked up in Okehampton and went for a very wet walk around town, we had a look in a few shops but after a short while decided it was a miserable experience and we would head onto tonight’s campsite at Sampford Peverell.

Alongside the campsite runs a canal and so when the rain eased a little we went for a walk along the canal.

We walked from the canal down into the village which had a Spar shop and a pub The Globe. Well we didn’t need anything from the shop so that only left the pub which I’m pleased to say warmly welcomed us and Layla. It still feels strange to go back to sitting in a pub but it was warm and comfortable and we enjoyed the experience.

A Globe light shade in The Globe.

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