The Day Has Arrived.

Saturday 8th July 2017

I started the day by visiting the site office to ask if there had been any cancellations or no shows and was greeted with a firm no and I had to vacate the pitch by noon, when I asked if we could use the tent pitches I was greeted with a firm no and the now familiar response “it’s Fire Regulations” I may be dense but I don’t recall seeing on the news regular reports about spontaneous tent  fires on campsites.

Anyway not to spoil the day off I went to Tesco with my cousin to do the food shopping for the bbq, We cut down on quantities this year so as not to have any waste. Upon our return I was greeted by my Chief Domestic Operator who had stopped behind on site that a warden had visited and we had been granted position to stay after all, I will have to make a sacrifice to the God of Fire Regulations.

The day started quietly.
Slowly the clan gathered.

More and more arrived until we totalled 33! Aged from infant to very senior member.

The cheeky one!
Senior member on the right😉

The BBQ was fired up and the burgers and sausages sacrificed.

Couldn’t think of a link.
Will’s special vege stuffed pepper.
Smoke signals.

It wasn’t too long before the dinner gong went and an orderly queue formed.

At the end of the day a volunteer was found to take the ritual gathering of Bash members photo

As the day grew to a close many family members made their way home.

Others stayed on to work on the remaining food and alcohol including an evening helping of chips from the site visiting chippy.

By 10pm it had all gone quiet and the three of us left enjoyed a whisky night cap.

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