The Bash – Here we come

Today we started our migration to the annual Bash, we left at 1pm and 102 miles and two and a half hours later we arrived at our destination, Ferry Meadows camp site at Peterborough.

When I went to the office and gave my name and details I was told that my booking didn’t exist and that they were full for the weekend, but could squeeze me in for Friday night. Well that put us in a good mood, I tried giving the staff alternative options that might resolve the issue but was met by a consistent response of “can’t do that Fire Regulations!” no wonder that a relative called a warden on another site “Herr Flick.”

Still with one night paid for we drove around the site and found an empty spot next to my cousin, which meant that there was a large area we could use to hold our festivities. There we were met by the host and my sister,brother in law and other family members who had already booked into a local hotel.


First batch of tribe members.

The Friday evening gathering consisted of eleven adults and two children, cousin David had prepared a wonderful evening meal for us that went down well with a range of wines and beers.

When it started to go dark we realised that our electric hook wasn’t working, we didn’t know, hadn’t been told and subsequently found out that when the lead was inserted the plug had to be rotated to turn on the electricity, well you live and learn.

At 10pm our daughter and her partner arrived and had a drink and chat before going off to their hotel and we eventually retired to bed.

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