Chatelus le Marcheix

August 22nd 2017

We are parked up for the night at Chatelus le Marchiex a small village in the middle of nowhere in the Creuze area, part of the Monts de Ambazac, which are really just high hills which are covered in forests.

This morning we hauled ourselves up the 500 m steep walk into Bellac, again a very old town. There were houses built into the rock faces and still being modernised, as well as many ancient buildings, but a town obviously suffering from lack of trade as many shops were permanently closed.

Although there is a free Aire here at Chatelus we have opted to stay the night on the municipal camp site which is next door and pay the huge sum of 11 and a half euros for the privilege, that includes all the electricity hook up and free showers.

After we had set up we went for a walk to explore, everything was downhill, the village only had a few commercial outlets and they were closed, most only opening for a few mornings per week, even the bar only opened from 5.30 to 8.30pm each evening! So we carried on downhill as we knew there was a river in the bottom of the valley, we were hot and sweaty on arrival as it was 32 degrees, we were pleased to find a small leisure area and we grabbed an ice cream to cool us down.

Unfortunately when we had enjoyed an hour sitting by the river we had to walk the mile or so back up the the long steep hill, I was ready for a beer when we got back.

These are the views from Homers window tonight.

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