Aubusson and Auphalle

August 23rd 2017.

We had a lazy start to our day today with Michelle giving Homer a sweep out and spruce up, we then set off to Aubusson, the Sat Nav directions took us off along a small country lane which went on for mile after mile with no chance to turn round or turn off until we reached the point it was easier to go on. I averaged about 20mph and the road surface was very rough, I was glad when it coughed us out on a main road just before Aubusson.

Aubusson is famous for its tapestry weaving, its products are exported world wide and it was commissioned to weave the enormous tapestry for Coventry Cathedral, needless to say everything was out of our price range. Unfortunately the town wasn’t very exciting but it made a pleasant stopover for lunch.

We then headed for an Aire at Auphalle which is on the side of a huge lake, unfortunately the road there was also narrow and uneven, I’m not looking forward to the journey out tomorrow. 

The aire here is run by the adjacent campsite, it costs the very acceptable sum of 5 euros per night with free use of the facilities on the camp site with its super modern toilet/shower blocks.

The lake is called Lac de Vassiviere, which is a bit of a mouthful, and has been formed by damming a small river. There is a beautiful beach with a cafe and restaurant, you can catch a free ferry out to a large island which has a cultural centre on it and art exhibitions, there are boats to hire and all in all with today’s sunshine it is a very pleasant place to relax, certainly hope to return one day.

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