Weem “um”

August 25th 2017

Last night we had a humdinger of a storm, thunder and lightning and heavy rain, it passed over us twice n the night, sounds very loud hammering on Homers roof.

We drove home via Perigeux, where for a short while we were heading in the wrong direction but we managed to recover and stopped off in Mussidan to fill up with diesel and popped into Lidl for a few basics.

Seems strange after a week away to be sitting in a lounge that’s bigger than the whole of Homer, never mind Senior Domestic organiser is happy the washing machine is whirring away, one of her pleasures in life.

We now have two weeks enjoying family visitors before we hit the road again.

One Reply to “Weem “um””

  1. Hi there you great gadabouts. Can’t wait to read about your next adventures and see the fabulous pictures.
    Bon voyage.
    Art and Cal


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