Hymer at the health spa!

Oct 12th 2017

For the past two days Homer has been receiving specialist care under the expertise of Dave Newell Leisure Vehicle Services, also known as Diamond Dave who writes for motorhome magazines and appears on the motorhome channel on TV.         davenewell.co.uk

It was time for Homers MOT and a much needed service, we had no record of a recent service and as we knew there were a few problems we felt there was a need for the work to be carried out by a motorhome expert. The MOT resulted in a failure, no surprise there, many of the items were quite small problems but it turned  out there was a need for two new tyres and the replacement of two brake cylinders.

We also asked for the suspension to be renewed, so we now have new beefed up springs fitted on the front and new dampers on the rear which has resulted in the front of Homer being lifted by about 10cm and hopefully will give us a much smoother ride.

Tomorrow we should find out as we head off into Wales.

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