Wed 11th Sept 2019 – Day 10

We decided today to miss out a few scenic towns on the route and drive the 100 miles to the end of the Romantic Route at Füssen in the Bavarian Alps close to the Austrian border.

Our first task was to drive 700m to a petrol station where both ourselves and Peter and Alison filled up with LPG at approx 70cents a litre, our tank took 5 litres which is all we have used in 2 weeks. Then standing next to the fuel pumps we said our farewells as Peter and Alison are heading West slowly making their way to Dunkirk whilst we were heading South.

We are now on a site especially for motorhomes at a cost of 15 euros per night, it has a launderette, toilets and showers and a cafe on site. You have to pay a little extra to use some of those facilities but not an extortionate amount.

When we arrived I think we both realised we were suffering a little from travel fatigue from moving on each day, so we have booked in here for two nights and so far have only walked 100m to the adjacent LIDL to top with a few essentials and spent the rest of the time reading sitting outside in the sunshine. Michelle has used the laundrette to wash and dry our used clothes so we are set up for another week now.

From Homer we have a view of the mountains in the distance.

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