Nordlingen and Donauworth

Tuesday 10th September 2019 – Day 9

We’ve had a hard day today with very little time for relaxation, well I might be fibbing a little.

Occasionally you have to spoil yourself after a hard day site seeing.!

After leaving last nights stopover which was free apart from 3 euros for electricity we drove to the next town on the Romantic Route, Nordlingen. I think I’m now beginning to suffer from an overload of historical buildings but I did enjoy the one aspect of Nordlingen which was the fact it had its town walls intact and you can walk around the town on them giving an unique perspective to the town.

From Nordlingen we drove to where Homer is resting his wheels this evening, a site 15metres from the Danube at Donauworth, the Danube definitely isn’t blue here!

This town has a different feel to it as it has a good mix of the old and new. There’s a modern open area with cafes, restaurants and shops next to a small river against the old town walls, this is where we enjoyed beer and cake this afternoon after we had been clothes shopping.

The weather is beginning to turn autumnal, the mornings and evenings are cool, but the daytime is sunny, I’m still in shorts and haven’t been driven into jeans yet.We did discover one shop that had a sale and I bought 2 sweat shirts for 10 euros each and in another Michelle had a pair of jeans for 10 euros.

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