Monday 9th September 2019 – Day 8

This morning Michelle and I walked back into Rothenburg for an hour especially because Michelle wanted to visit the Christmas shop and museum we had missed the evening before.

Not longer after we left Rothenburg we spotted an “Aldi Sud”, too good to miss as it was our first ever, so we popped in to buy a few basics, I was amused by the dispensing machine for bread, you pressed a button next to a picture of your choice and the bread appeared in a slot at the bottom.

We only drove a short distance today to Dinkelsbuhl and tonight’s stopover is free we are just paying 50cents per KW hour for the electricity, and are sited about 400m from the town entrance.

The weather today has been a little mixed with weak sunshine and showers and it has been cooler than any day before. After lunch we walked into Dinkelsbuhl which is a town dating back 800 years with much of the architecture being 400 years old, and is described as ” one of the most closely packed and best preserved medieval towns in Germany.”

Whilst walking around I spotted a shop selling men’s caps and was rather taken by one or two especially a “Stetson” brand, after trying on numerous types, colours, sizes etc with the help of a very patient and pleasant lady I purchased one having haggled the price down from 59 euros to 35 euros.

The weather was on the cool side as we walked around but the sun is shining now and we intend to go back this evening and walk around again.

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