Rothenburg ob der Tauber

Sunday 8th September 2019 – Day 7

Yesterday evening we walked along the river and crossed the old bridge into Wurzburg, the streets were packed with hundreds of people celebrating a music festival where on every street at least one and sometimes more, musicians were performing, from folk to classic, individuals to small groups. The atmosphere was great virtually everyone was carrying a drink and the food of the day seemed to be enormous pizzas, we restricted ourselves to one bottle of beer each.

This morning we went back into town, an 800m walk from our over night stop, costing 12 euros, to site-see in what is a very old university town, the difference 12 hours makes!

After lunch we drove for one hour further south to tonight’s stopover, again 12 euros, at Rothenburg, this time its only 100m to the town entrance, and what a town. It has been in existence since 960 AD and has had a turbulent history over the centuries. It has massive stone town walls with 42 towers that you can walk along, timbered houses and stone buildings and fortunately for us in September they turn the clock back to medieval times and the streets are thronged with people in costume, with pipe and drum bands and people singing national songs, it was a great atmosphere and all completely free.

We were watching one re-enactment with music when deliberately, a display was set on fire and firemen dressed in old costume came along to put it out, unfortunately as they turned on the hose the end next to us on the fire hydrant shot off, it squirted on Layla who wasn’t amused and the crowd enjoyed a good laugh when only a dribble came out of the hose.

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