Gahlen and Wurzburg.

Friday/Saturday 6th&7th Sept 2019 Days 5&6.

Yesterday we drove to Gahlen, home of our friends Wolfgang, Arzu and Bedia, our parking for the night was at a Stellplatz called Cafe Holtkamp about 1km from their apartment and cost 10 euros per night with all facilities.

Firstly we had to greet Bedia off the school bus so she could enjoy being greeted by Layla and we left the 2 of them playing whilst we went back to Homer to sort out a few things and ready ourselves for the next journey. Then back at the apartment they treated us to a selection of cakes and coffee/ tea then Peter,Alison, Wolfgang, Bedia, Michelle and I went for a walk around the country lanes stopping for a beer to refresh the legs and feet.

Back at the apartment Michelle and I cheekily took advantage of their shower to refresh and their washing machine to do our first weeks laundry.

Arzu prepared a Turkish meal for us that was predominately vegetarian followed by beautiful sticky Turkish cakes all washed down with wine, raki and finally Turkish coffee.

Bedia enjoyed spending the evening playing with Layla.

This morning we walked back to their apartment for breakfast and fond farewells with promises to return soon.

Then we began what we knew would be a long journey to take us to Wurzburg the northern start of the “Romantic Route” of castles and ancient towns, it was a 250 mile blast down the motorway system with only the last 10 miles on normal roads.

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