Bergen – Holland

Thursday 5th Sept 2019

Tonight Homer has rested his wheels near the small village of Bergen in The Maasduinen National Park a few kilometres from the German border. We are close to the Rover Maas and there is a lake nearby called Reinders Mere but I don’t think it’s anything to do with reindeer. Where we are staying on the edge of the forest is a site on a farm especially for motor homes and costs 10 euros a night, the first time we have paid for accommodation so far. The area has many kilometres of walks and cycle tracks and Peter and Alison enjoyed a few hours going off on their bikes.

Yesterday we experienced extreme heavy rain and unfortunately we had two small leaks next to the roof vents at the rear of Homer. So this afternoon after we had walked to Bergen and back about 5 miles in all I borrowed a ladder from the site owners and went on Homers roof and sealed all around the vents, so fingers crossed.

Whilst walking towards Bergen we walked along a residential street where every house was different. Outside one, was a woman sweeping her drive, she called us over and made a fuss of Layla, she went into her house and got a dog biscuit for her, we spent at least 20 minutes chatting about Layla and the woman’s visits to the UK, it’s great meeting friendly people.

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