Ghent and Grobbendonk – Belgium

Wed 4th Sept 2019 Day 3

This morning we walked into Ghent about 30 minutes away from the aire, what a beautiful city, I’m not going to describe anything let the photos speak for themselves. It was an easy city to walk round very flat and not so full of tourists as Bruge and yet in our opinion it is equally as good.

As we walked back to Homer it began to spot with rain and as we sat and had some lunch the rain got heavier and heavier, we had to queue to drive out of Ghent and as we hit the motorway the rain got worse and the spray was awful the 56 mile drive around Antwerp to tonight’s stop was horrendous.

Homer’s wheels are resting tonight in a small Belgium village called Grobbendonk, the aire is again free but we have to pay for electricity. Before the evening meal we walked into the village and Peter treated himself to some Belgian chips and we bought a loaf of bread out of a vending machine. Whilst Peter was in the chip shop an elderly lady emerged from her house and offered Layla a biscuit, when Layla wouldn’t eat it she went back inside and came out with a chewy and a denti stick and said let her eat them later. What a kind person.

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