An autumn morning in Ironbridge, the day has a touch of coolness but warmed by splashes of colour from the autumn leaves, the River Severn is flowing quickly and is running high after the recent rains.

It was reasonably quiet when we arrived but as the morning went on, gradually more tourists began to arrive and bring a buzz of activity to this historic Shropshire town. The main purpose of our visit today was to visit the antiques centre, but we always enjoy a walk around the town.

Ironbridge is known as “the birthplace of the industrial revolution” mainly becauseAbraham Darby first perfected the smelting of iron using coke, however the industrial revolution was stirring in many places at the same time. The famous Iron Bridge is a 30m cast iron bridge, the first in the world, it was built across the River Severn in 1779.                                                                                                            

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