Potes weekend.

August 19th 2018

Our decision to stay on this site for the weekend was made so that we could meet up with our good friend Ade and his friend Nathan who are coming to the end of a 2 week tour of Spain and Portugal on their 1200cc BMW bikes. They are staying in a a small hostel run by an English couple and have joined us twice at the campsite to share a beer or two.

Potes is 2km from the campsite down a steep road and twice now we have walked down to the town and puffed our way up again.

Potes is in Cantabria northern Spain and is situated where 4 valleys meet and is surrounded by the mountains Picos de Europa.

The town is interesting to visit and not too touristy, in the centre is an ancient tower Torre del Infantado a four storey structure now a municipal building.

The river runs through the centre of the town and there are a maze of small streets to explore. I splashed out on a new T shirt and Michelle bought a new dress, both were a good price as are many things here, meals out, beer and coffee are all considerably cheaper than in France.

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