Tour of the Picos de Europa mountains.

August 20th 2018.

We did a quick top of food at the local supermarket and then took a steep road out of Potes and …..

WOW, WOW and WOW again after this we ran out of superlatives to describe the scenery we drove through, If only I could have videoed the three hour journey journey.

The road twisted and turned, hair pin bend followed hair pin bend so much so I kept looking up my own exhaust pipe! We took steep gradients in second gear but never went above third for about 15 miles as we climbed from an altitude of 400m to the highest pass at 1,609metres, and Homer took it all in his stride even with temperatures reaching 30 degrees the radiator stayed cool.

Michelle gainly attempted to take photos but with straight pieces of road being rare it was very difficult.

After 90 minutes we reached the town of Riaño which is positioned on a huge reservoir which stretches for miles.

We then drove over another mountain road that wasn’t so difficult to drive on until we hit the descent and we entered a narrow gorge called Desfiladero de Los Beyos where the road became narrower and on my side of the road was vertical rock faces which often overhung the road and were centimetres from Homer’s wing mirrors. On numerous occasions we drove through short dark tunnels.

After another 90 minute drive the road levelled out and we hit a town called Cangas. This has an aire for motorhomes but it was rammed so we parked up on another car park had lunch and then walked into the town where there was a magnificent bridge.

We took Layla for a swim in the river before we headed off feeling very hot in 31 degree temperature and headed for the coast, where we are tonight at Candas.

So we went from 420m to 1,609m to zero at sea level in one days travel.

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