August 21st 2018

After a reasonable night, Layla was still asleep at 8am so we had coffee in bed a real luxury.

Our first stop after 10km was at a Halfords type shop Norauto to buy some fuses as one had blown in the system we use for charging the phones and i pads as we travel, we also filled up with fuel at 1.24 euros a litre, a real bargain.

We took a dual carriageway/highway virtually all the way to today’s destination, it passed through some beautiful scenery with mountains to one side and the sea on the other.

Foz is a small town with a leisure and fishing harbour which open out into the Atlantic ocean and beautiful sandy beaches, we are parked up on a large grassy parking area within metres of the town and the front of Homer is 10m from the sea wall. The view is wonderful and changed over the afternoon as the tide went out.

This is probably as far west as we will travel this time and we will take a leisurely drive back along the coast taking several days.

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