Tapia de Casariego.

August 22nd 2018

When we woke this morning we were surrounded by a warm sea mist that was drifting in from the Bay of Biscay, thankfully it cleared as we drove back eastwards along the coast road. At one point we turned off down a small lane to a beach that was signposted, it was a small cove with golden sand, quite small and there were several others every few hundred metres. Sadly however the road got narrower and narrower until around a curve in the road we met a bridge under the railway that was 2.5m wide and 2.5m high, sadly we would have lost the top 50cm of Homer had I gone on so I had to reverse 100m back up the road until I could turn.

We drove on for an hour slowly taking in the view until we arrived here at Tapia de Casariego, there’s a parking aire here that can take 50 motorhomes and has services so we stopped. After a coffee we decided we would stay here and go no further today, we had only driven 34 miles!

It’s another beautiful place very cornish in feel, great sandy beaches and a lovely harbour, dogs aren’t allowed on the beaches but I did manage to scramble down some rocks so Layla could have a swim, something she delights in. We have walked for miles today back and forth along the coast and exploring the town.

A few days ago we had the mysterious case of the missing washbasin plug! How it could have disappeared from a closed bathroom I’ve no idea, Michelle’s theory was she may have thrown it out when she shook the carpet!!! I couldn’t comment.

Since then in every town we’ve visited I’ve searched for a new sink plug with no success. This evening, remember Spanish shops are closed all afternoon and reopen from 5.30 to 8.30pm, I found a hardware shop like the one in the Two Ronnie’s sketch. After waiting 5 minutes for a man to buy 10 loose screws and have them wrapped, I began my attempt to ask for a sink plug.

With aid of Google translate I got a few shakes of the head and a Que? from the owner, then he had a lightbulb moment and bought me a tray of electric plugs! Confused by my no, no I showed him the screen of my iphone, he indicated for me to wait and went off into another room. He returned moments later with his reading glasses and after looking again, beamed reached down a tray with at least 6 different size sink plugs from which I chose two that looked ok and after paying two euros thirty we both beamed at each other and said gracias many times. Thank God I didn’t want hose or O’s, or fork handles. I’m pleased to say one fits.

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