Cóbreces – Cantabria

Aug 23rd 2018

This evening we are camped up on the aire Las Hazas in Cóbreces. It is a commercial aire, something we haven’t experienced before, it is well set up with electricity, wifi, shower, washing machine and a shower and cost 12 euros.

We drove a long way today on a mixture of small roads and autoroute seeing some beautiful coastline on the way, every so often Michelle sees a beautiful house on a headland and puts it on her list should we win the lottery. We stopped at lunchtime at an out of town shopping mall adjacent to the autoroute called Parque Aster, it even had a Mcdonald’s, but it wasn’t serving food even though it was mid day. We went into Carrefour and stocked up with enough food to last for a few days, when you got to the checkouts there was one queue and you shuffled forward until a screen displayed the next available empty till, good for my blood pressure because I’m normally in the one where the lady, and yes I mean lady can’t find in her handbag the wherewithal to pay and in France usually pulls out a cheque book which takes ages to process as you have to produce ID and the assistant copies all the info onto the back of the cheque.

We arrived at this aire which was a little difficult to find, the sat nav was useless, it had an hour before tried to send me over a 2m wide bridge and we are 2.4m wide! The signs in the village pointed in two different directions but thankfully with patience we found it. We set up quickly and taking the advice of the lady taking the fees set off on a walk to a viewpoint over the sea, we never did quite find it but enjoyed a long circular walk.

After an evening meal Layla was still restless so we went for another walk into the village, a bar and a shop, we saw a sign to the beach and followed the road down a steep hill. There was a beautiful beach there and Layla enjoyed a run about and paddle but it was a bit of a pull back up the hill.

The village of Cóbreces is on a pilgrim route to Santiago Compostella and has a huge church, an old ruined abbey and a new abbey.

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