The rain in Spain – Vitoria-Gasteiz

August 24th 2018

We had a very heavy downfall of rain early today and I was shutting our 3 roof vents at 6.30am getting a shower under each in the process!

It had stopped when we got up but re-commenced as we set off on our journey turning away from the coast, we took this decision as the coastline ahead was likely to be very busy and we would have to travel on toll auto routes. We began to climb steadily as soon as we got going and as we climbed it began to rain heavily, as we reached the highest point at 1,101metres the cloud was so thick I could only see about 10m in front of me, but after descending for a few hundred metres the rain stopped and we found ourselves in sunshine. So the rain in Spain stayed mainly on the coast. We passed through some marvellous scenery again and Michelle attempted to take photos as we drove along, unfortunately there are rarely any places to stop.

Our stopover tonight is in Vitoria-Gasteiz a city which is the capital of the Basque region of Spain. It has an interesting medieval quarter which we visited late this afternoon, making a round trip walking just over 4 miles.

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