Adios and Bienvenue / Arette

August 25th 2018

There has been so much contrast in our journey today it’s very hard to remember it all and be able to report on it. We have left Spain and are now about 30km into France at a small village called Arette in the Pyrenees.

We left last nights aire very smoothly considering we were in a city and were soon out on the open road heading towards Estella where we stayed on the first night in Spain two weeks ago, the journey today took us through several mountain ranges gaining height and then losing it again as we descended

The scenery began to change and we were back into the areas where whatever crops had been growing had been harvested leaving stack upon stack of straw bales, we only managed to photo a small stack but some were at least twenty times bigger, there are no signs of cows or sheep so I can only assume they are for sale as winter fodder.

As we headed towards the Pyrenees we came across a reservoir where the water was an amazing blue colour, we managed to stop and park and slither down the bank to the waters edge where Layla delighted in going in and swimming and it took some doing to get her to come out.

We then headed up one of the valleys that lead to a pass over the Pyrenees, in some places the road was too narrow for a white line down the centre, we climbed and climbed until we hit the pass at the top at 1,760m high and here was a ski station where we intended to stay for the night.

Michelle made us a welcome coffee and Layla got excited at the cows wandering free with their bells clanging and there were also 6 adult pigs roaming around, then the cloud descended, the temperature dropped by about 10 degrees and visibility was reduced to 10m. We took the decision that there was no point in sitting there in those conditions for the afternoon and evening so we headed down the pass into France, after about 30k we came to this village of Arette which had a free aire with services so we decided to stay here for the evening.

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