Bastide D’Armagnac.

August 26th 2018

We drove 118 miles today and it felt good being back in familiar territory being able to understand road signs and ask for things in the supermarket and order a round of drinks without stress .

Tonight’s aire is a large field on the outskirts of this medieval village, it’s a great stopover place there are people here from Holland, Belgium, Germany, England and of course France, we’ve had a good time chatting to lots of folk and met a nice couple Karen and John whose blog I will be following.

La Bastide D’Armagnac is a 13th century bastide town with fascinating narrow streets with buildings that don’t look as if they’ve changed in centuries, there a few restaurants on the square and two shops selling wine and Armagnac, but other than a bread shop there are no other shops in town. It has a nice ambiance and I wouldn’t be surprised to find ourselves returning here at some future point.

Whilst we sat and had a drink the owner of the shop next door came out and sat on a chair and he had an uncanny resemblance to the face in the impressionist poster in the window.

Layla is a good ice breaker when we are travelling and often we get talking to people because of her, tonight she was playing with children and a huge dog which she teased and when it chased her she would dive under the motorhome where it couldn’t catch her, then run back round and tease the dog again.

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