No hearing aids in Spain.

August 27th 2018

We are now back in the French house after 14 nights away, in that time we covered 1,541 miles, spent 332 euros on fuel, 80 euros for three nights on a camp site and 24 euros for four paid nights on aires, the other seven nights were free.

It would be easy to make sweeping all encompassing comments about Spain based on our short time there, all of which was in the North, but I don’t feel qualified to do that, however a few comments based on our experience.

Firstly I have never known a nation of people who speak so loudly, as a friend commented ” they sound as though they are having an argument with themselves when they talk”. They definitely don’t need hearing aids, not a good business to be in. We found the people we came into contact with friendly, and even without a common language between us smiled a lot. The driving was consistently good, we didn’t experience one example of the suicidal overtaking the French love to indulge in, we did twice get held up in small towns when the car in front pulled up, hazards on as they rushed into the bread shop, emerging two minutes later with an apologetic wave, clutching their loaf of bread.

The prices were good, diesel at 1.25 euros a litre against 1.45 euros in France, coffee and alcoholic drinks out were cheap and supermarket prices reasonable, especially again the alcoholic drinks. We look forward to returning soon.

Within a short time of being back I was mowing the grass around the house and then spent 30 minutes under the tractor with a lump hammer and a tin of WD 40 trying to free a bracket so that I could attach a new tow ball.

We have a few days to get on with some jobs before family arrive for a holiday next Sunday so the blog will go quiet now.

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