Saturday 11/12th July 2020.

Well here we are our first day away from home territory since March, and a 30 minute walk away lay the Cheshire town of Nantwich, a small compact town full of old interesting architecture.

From the site we had to walk part way along a busy road but soon we were able to cross the road and enter a green area that contained Nantwich lake and the River Weaver. We took the path that followed the river and walked into the town, most of the shops were open and it was quite busy but people were taking social distancing quite seriously.

After wandering around for an hour or so and queuing to go in shops we decided to have lunch, again a strange experience after so long. We chose an outside table but had to hand sanatise before we sat down. We had an excellent toastie and coffee and it was really pleasant to do something normal again.

As is also the norm now we had to pay by card as no cash payments were accepted.

We began the walk back but paused by the lake for an excellent tub of ice cream each , altogether we walked approx 5 miles and enjoyed a sit down in the sunshine upon our return

Today we left the site by 10.00am and drove the short distance to Dagfields Antique Centre a place that is becoming a favourite of ours. After wandering around the various buildings and Michelle adding to her Poole pottery collection we had lunch in Homer and drove the short journey home.

I think it’s fair to say that we enjoyed being able to get back to doing something we take great pleasure in, only 10 days until we are off againšŸ˜„

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