Bremen – Germany

Wednesday 1st June 2022

Since we left Holland we have been experiencing great difficulty accessing wifi so blogs/ times will be a bit hit and miss. Traffic en route to Bremen was very heavy lots of HGV vehicles. Bremen has an area of the city zoned as GREEN an environmentally protected area, you have to have a green disc to enter the zone. Our Sat Nav decided to take us into the protected area and so we will now probably receive a 80 euro fine😵‍💫😖 Tonight’s Stellplatz is very busy, we have met our first English person since leaving the UK, there are two other English vans on site.

Bremen is a city on the River Wesel which connects to the North Sea and has a long history of being an inland port. Much of the town was destroyed during WW2 and so the centre is very modern with lots of shops, there is an old sector near the river called Schnoor which was very pleasant to wander around and partake of a beer.

Town Hall.
Old and new.
St Petri Dom Bremen.
Bremen Roland statue symbolising freedom and market rights.
Market square.
Grimm Brothers fairy tale of donkey, dog, cat and rooster.
Michelle and milkshake.
Late evening walk by the River Wesel.

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