Today we visited the historic town of Monschau, it was a 2 km walk, part of the way along the river bank the rest along the road.

It’s a fantastic place, once you reach the outer limits there are no new buildings at all, every thing is old and in many places beautiful. The river flows  through the town and the streets are narrow and wind their way through the town, many of the walls and rooves of the buildings are covered in slate which are shaped often placed on in such a way to create a herring bone pattern. There are ornate doors and door furniture, different windows etc and what shops there are, are small and in keeping, sadly for the shopaholic partner most of them didn’t open until 1 pm and others only on a Saturday and Sunday, and as we arrived by 11 am it did cause some angst.

However by the time we had walked round, including going up and down a long flight of steps to a view point, had a coffee and pan a chocolate it was 1 pm and we were able to look into a few of the shops. On the way out of town there was a large car park and a modern building which housed a glass museum/shop and a craft centre, as we walked out of that a few large spots of rain began to descend so we did a quick dash across the road into a brewery museum, very lucky it was there! For a few euros each we were able to look around the display of how they had made the beer, then into caves underneath and behind where they had kept it cold, there was room completely full of over 1,000 beer bottles from around the world, I had a quick look at the uk display, pleased to say I knew many of them.

Outside they had a cafe and it seemed only right that we sample a local beer, very enjoyable.

We chilled out back at the camp site, every one is friendly and greets you with a cheery hello or hi or guten tag etc, whilst we were sitting there a Dutch couple came to ask us if 

“weem off tara a bit” was an Irish saying!! We explained it’s meaning and they thought it was great they walked off up the campsite shouting taraabit.

After another bbq evening meal we walked up to reception to do battle with a very weak wifi signal, both that and the mobile signal are very weak.

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